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Gold Lollipop – The Jewellery Industry Experts Hallmarking is one of the worlds oldest forms of consumer protection, it ensures that the valuable jewellery you are purchasing contains a minimum amount of gold. This way the customer cannot be scammed by unscrupulous manufacturers ‘watering’ down the gold content. Unfortunately these rules do not apply everywhere and as the great British people are some of the best travelled in the world they often own many items of gold jewellery purchased over-sea’s that may be stamped as various Carats (or Karats) that doesn’t necessarily contain the correct amount of gold. Gold Lollipop – The Jewellery Industry Experts For example, 22carat gold should have a purity of at least 916 parts per thousand (91.6% gold). In Asia 22K gold is hugely popular, its usually handmade and often intricately designed with hand soldered gemstones. Although it is common for the gold to be used to be 22 Carat in purity, in many cases the solders are of a lower carat. This means overall the gold content may be significantly lower particularly on the more intricate pieces when everything is mixed together. Because of the unknown value of the gold none hallmarked items are notoriously difficult to value, from a buyers point of view you lower your price to build in a margin for error or simply refuse to purchase it above 18 carat prices leaving you drastically underpaid. Here at Golden Lollipop we purchase your items based on their gold content rather than guesswork, the only way to do this is to melt your gold into an ingot and to then test its purity, as there is no margin for error we can pay you the maximum possible return.