As many of you know we have always tried to recycle and refurbish as much of the scrap gold and silver we receive. Precious metals have been recycled throughout the ages, the process of refining scrap gold and silver jewellery can be costly and sometimes harmful to the environment, so wherever possible we repair, refurbish and re-sell.

goldenlollyebayWe spend a lot of time refurbishing, researching and photographing our items. Mostly small pieces that are easy to sell by mail, solid gold vintage charms, gold rings etc. We sell all over the world via eBay and work hard to ensure we offer the customer as much information so they can ensure a great deal.

Our eBay feedback profile speaks volumes, nearly 1500 happy customers to date and rising dailyebayfeedback

This is also why we pay more for gold jewellery items  than we do for scrap gold, it allows us to make our profit from reselling an item rather than refining the precious metals, and that means more money in your pocket too!