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How Selling Your Gold Works

Weigh your gold and fill in our online form.

Send your gold to us in a secure package. 

Receive your money the following business day. 

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Make cash from your old and unloved gold

Let’s be honest, money can sometimes be tight, and who couldn’t do with a little extra every now and then? Whether you’re saving up for a holiday, need a little extra cash for a special treat like a birthday or anniversary getaway, or you simply want to boost your savings, a handy way of boosting your funds can be to sell gold by mail. Selling gold jewellery online can be a great way to give you those much needed extra funds – and with Golden Lollipop you can get cash for gold in a simple and hassle-free process.

Have a root through your old jewellery and you’ll probably find you’ve got pieces you don’t like, never wear, or had even forgotten you ever had, languishing at the bottom of your jewellery box. Maybe you’ve got broken necklaces you can’t be bothered to fix, or one earring and the other’s nowhere to be seen. Either way, tastes and trends change, so don’t just leave your unloved gold sitting there doing nothing, get great cash for gold prices by selling online with Golden Lollipop.

To sell gold by mail, all you need to do is fill out a simple form online here, package your gold up in a secure package and then pop along to your post office and post. Always make sure you get proof of postage, and it’s advisable that when you post gold for cash you send your gold by special delivery, so you’re covered if your parcel goes missing en route.

Once Golden Lollipop receives your package, they’ll value your jewellery and give you cash for gold, either by cheque or BACS bank transfer. The process couldn’t be easier. What’s more, you’ll have those much needed funds available for that holiday, special treat, or savings, within a few short days.

Golden Lollipop have experts ready and waiting to value your gold, but if you fancy getting a rough idea of how much your old jewellery stash could make, try popping it on the kitchen scales. Make sure you calibrate your scales correctly first and follow our advice as to how you can work out roughly how much you could expect. Making a little extra money doesn’t have to be hard work, with Golden Lollipop it’s as easy as anything to boost your funds and all you need to do is find your gold, send it off, and wait for the cheque or bank transfer to land. What are you waiting for? Get that extra cash and post your gold to Golden Lollipop today!

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Golden Lollipop is the UK’s premier scrap Gold buyer, we combine the best price’s online or in the high street for your unwanted, broken, old or scrap gold with a fast service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. So if you’re selling old, broken or unwanted scrap gold jewellery then you’re in the right place not only to receive the best price but also the gold standard for customer service.

Our personal pledge to you!

Our prices are accurate to how much we are paying for scrap gold received today. We do not advertise one price and pay another! we do not hide behind T&C’s or use them to defraud our customers. We have no hidden charges or fees of any kind If you are unhappy with our service in anyway we will return your jewellery to you.

What does Golden Lollipop Buy?


  • Gold Jewellery
  • Gold rings
  • Gold earrings (pairs or individually)
  • Gold necklaces, chains
  • Gold bracelets, charms or pendants
  • Gold wrist watches, gold pocket watches or gold watch cases
  • Gold from over-sea’s such as Asian gold, Indian gold, Pakistani gold, Chinese gold, Hong Kong gold, Thai gold

Its not just jewellery – We buy any gold!

  • Gold Wire,
  • Gold sheet,
  • Gold coins and bullion,
  • Dental Gold
Why sell your unwanted jewellery ?

Lots of people have gold jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other gold items in an old jewellery box or pushed to the back of a draw. The pieces may be unfashionable, unloved or broken – so it seems they’re not worth bothering with but at nearly £10 per gram they probably are! We can turn your unwanted gold into an instant cash injection, to use for the things you really need: A family holiday, Car repairs or maybe a deposit on a new one. Even just a few pieces of broken, unloved or scrap gold can return you a tidy sum. Maybe you need cash fast and are contemplating a payday loan or maybe even using a pawnbroker to tide you over, selling your scrap gold for cash is often a better option with no high interest rates like a payday loan or low rates being paid for your gold jewellery via a pawnbrokers.

When will I receive payment ?

All Payments are made on the same day we receive your gold and typically takes between 3-5 hours to be processed by your bank. If you choose to be paid in cash we will send it out via Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service which guarantees it will arrive the next day before 1pm.

What do you do with the gold you buy ?

Simple – we recycle! Gold has been recycled throughout the ages, some of the gold jewellery you are contemplating selling right now could have been worn by Pharaohs, Caesars, Popes, even Kings and Queens (if your reading this your highness we would offer you an extra special price for the collection in the Tower). In fact the amount of gold mined today isn’t enough to satisfy international gold jewellery demand and its used in many other industries. Many items we receive are refurbished and resold via our eBay store with the exception of engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding jewellery and of course anything that could potentially cause hygiene issues like earrings or body jewellery. Anything that is unsuitable for refurbishment is melted down and ‘refined’ back into pure gold. So your unwanted gold jewellery may go on to form another gold bracelet, earring, necklace or even end up in a bank vault as part of a pure gold investment bar.

Why choose Golden Lollipop ?

A perfectly good question. We at Golden Lollipop believe in honesty and integrity first, profit 2nd. This sounds corny but the basis of running a successful business is happy customers, Trust is a major factor and most of our scrap gold jewellery comes from repeat business and recommendations from happy, satisfied customers, we’re proud to be trusted by our customers and will never do anything to damage that.

Golden Lollipop takes a new step! our first retail outlet!

Last Friday we started a new venture, we now sell refurbished silver at The Antique Centre at Wootton Wawen. Firstly sorry if you are trying to read that with a speech impediment, it is a real place – located in Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village, Pettiford...
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Selling Jewellery via our Ebay store

As many of you know we have always tried to recycle and refurbish as much of the scrap gold and silver we receive. Precious metals have been recycled throughout the ages, the process of refining scrap gold and silver jewellery can be costly and sometimes harmful...
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How To Sell  Gold Jewellery for Cash by Mail or Post

Before selling jewellery or old, broken scrap gold we recommend you use this simple guide to provide yourself with a free valuation. A little knowledge can make sure you get the best value for your old, broken or scrap gold jewellery and above all its free. Firstly sort your scrap gold jewellery into carat’s (sometimes spelt as Karat’s). All items of gold, silver, platinum and palladium sold in the UK must be hallmarked by law, see the table below.


We pay the same for old, broken or scrap gold, It’s important to keep the gold carats separate as the value for scrap 9 ct gold is half that of scrap 18 carat gold and 22 carat old scrap gold is worth even more. Next weigh your old, broken or unwanted scrap gold by carat, have you checked your scales are accurate? Use this to help.

Then enter the weights into our selling form along with your details. Once that is complete you can print it off and pop it in the mail with your gold.

We know our genuine prices are among the best in the country for scrap gold. Obviously you are going to shop around so please remember there are currently no Scrap gold comparison sights in the UK that operate a truly independent service. In fact some of the web site’s claiming to offer scrap gold comparison’s are actually owned by the very same people they recommend. Don’t just take our word for it, Check out this report from the BBC.

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